iBorrow offers individually structured bridge lending solutions for borrowers of all commercial property types from $2 - $30 million, across the United States.



For accredited and institutional investors, iBorrow loans offer attractive returns with the protection of first-lien collateral in commercial real estate.

Why iBorrow?


Quick and Reliable Closing

iBorrow closes deals quickly and reliably within 2-4 weeks, while banks and other traditional lenders average 90 days or longer to close a deal.


Simple Application Process

Each lending opportunity is evaluated according to certain proprietary lending criteria and standards that have been established by iBorrow. Our simple form document and the standard diligence we gather enables us to quickly determine if we will proceed and issue a Letter of Intent (LOI), which is typically issued within 24-48 hours of receiving a loan request.


Flexible Capital

iBorrow works with business owners and real estate operators, who are under-served by traditional financial institutions, to provide unique private financing solutions tailored to individual borrower needs.


Funding Sources

iBorrow manages an investment fund in addition to having a deep and broad pool of institutional capital sources. Our access to vast financial resources has enabled us to complete more than $250 million worth of commercial real estate loans across all property types throughout the United States.

Funded Loans

Funding in as few as 14 days

iBorrow closes deals quickly and reliably within 2-4 weeks. Contact us to learn more or apply today!

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