How To Finance An Assisted Living Facility

by Anna Jones
A demand for financing assisted living facilities is emerging as a result of an aging population and advances in medicine. Many business owners are turning to private or direct lending because traditional banks are hesitant to issue these healthcare loans. On the other hand, private commercial real estate lenders and...

3 Trends in Industrial Real Estate That Make Financing Easy

by Anna Jones
Real estate financing is getting easier, and now more than ever, securing a loan for an investment property is something well within reach for an increasing number of borrowers. For industrial property owners, this trend is welcome news. There are three main reasons why industrial real estate financing is getting...

Crowdfunding Platforms and Un/secured Loans

by Anna Jones
It seems like a new crowdfunding website pops up every day, whether it’s Lending Club, SoFi, Prosper, Realty Shares or FundRise. Crowdfunding itself is a relatively new tool, though the version of it that we know today actually began emerging in 1997 when a rock band, in true punk-rock form,...

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