CRE Trends in Los Angeles: A Bull Market Reigns Supreme in the City of Angels

by Karl Utermohlen
Investors are relishing the prospect of investing in commercial real estate (CRE) in Los Angeles, one of the most active and attractive markets in the world. While the tech surge is primarily associated with the Bay Area, Southern California has experienced a tech boom of its own, with plenty of...

CRE Trends in Seattle: How the Emerald City Became the Top-Ranked Market in the U.S.

by Karl Utermohlen
Seattleā€™s commercial real estate (CRE) market has quickly ascended to the top of the heap thanks to a variety of factors, such as the growing labor market. A booming tech industry led by Amazon and Microsoft has cemented the Emerald City as the most vibrant CRE market in the U.S.,...

How to Finance a Sober Living Facility

by Karl Utermohlen
Owning a sober living home requires compassion and commitment to providing a supportive community for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Patients at these facilities are in a vulnerable physical and emotional condition, and require special care in order to feel safe and at home in a transitional environment....

How to Finance Non-Cash Flowing Properties

by Karl Utermohlen
Cash flow is generally the key in determining the value of commercial real estate properties. However, some commercial real estate properties that do not generate cash flow, due to the loss of tenants, property repositioning or speculative construction, still have significant value. Traditional lenders have rigid lending requirements and are...

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