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Operating out of six offices, iBorrow is a nationwide commercial real estate lender that offers flexible bridge loans for re-financing, re-positioning or value-add purposes quickly and on a non-recourse basis.

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Typical Loan Terms & Features

Purpose Purpose

Purchase, Refinance, Repositioning, Value-Add

Term Term

Up to 3 years

Rate Rate

8%+ (fixed)

Amount Amount

$2 million - $30 million

 Amortization Amortization

Interest only

Leverage Leverage

Up to 65% Loan-To-Value

Collateral Collateral

First Trust Deed, will finance note or portfolio acquisitions

Property Type Property Type

All commercial property types except raw land, no construction

 Personal Guarantee Personal Guarantee


Loan Structure Issues

We fund loans with certain structural issues that maybe problematic for other lenders, such as loans to owner/occupants. iBorrow has the flexibility and creativity to develop solutions for our borrowers.

Credit / Cash Flow Issues

We fund loans for borrowers with sub-standard credit scores and on pre-cash flow properties. We prioritize the value of borrower's collateral over credit score and cash flow.

Refinance Existing Loans / Debt

We refinance all types of existing loans, including CMBS, lifeco, conventional or otherwise private money loans.

Property Upgrades / Renovations

We fund value-add properties with a viable business plan, even if no cash flow.

Legal Issues

We are comfortable lending even in the face of pending litigation, situations that may trouble other lenders.

Loan Types

Refinancing, Repositioning, Value-Add

Simple Process

Each loan is evaluated according to iBorrow’s proprietary lending criteria and standards. Our simple loan form and the standard diligence we gather enables us to quickly determine if we will proceed and issue a Letter of Intent (LOI), typically within 24-48 hours of receiving a loan request.

Quick and Reliable Closing

We can close deals quickly and reliably within 2-4 weeks, whereas traditional lenders average 90 days or longer to close a deal.

Tailored Loan Structures

Our flexible loan structures enable us to customize loans that meet the specific needs of our borrowers, typically the real estate entrepreneurs who are under-served by traditional financial institutions.

Deep Funding Sources

iBorrow manages an investment fund in addition to having a deep and broad pool of institutional capital sources. Our access to vast financial resources has enabled us to complete more than $600 million worth of commercial real estate loans across all commercial property types throughout the United States.

Our Process

We provide capital to borrowers in as little as 2 weeks. Our process is simple:


Schedule an in-person meeting or call with iBorrow so that we can learn about the opportunity in depth.
Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

After discussing the loan with the borrower and/or loan broker, we will send out an LOI with terms that we believe make sense for the borrower.


We will thoroughly analyze and research the property, including an on-site tour.


We provide a simple closing checklist with everything needed prior to closing.

Funded Loans

Explore all our private CRE loans including industrial, multifamily, retail, office, and more.

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