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The Promised Land: What’s Next for Portland Real Estate?

A booming city filled with millennials and jobs, Portland’s market has drastically changed over the past several years – especially in the real estate arena. The evolving market has brought more than 41,000 new metro-area residents who are in search of both residential and commercial properties.

Portland Monthly turned to iBorrow CEO Brian Good for further insight on Portland’s emerging real estate market in the article “Rising Prices. Fierce Bidding Wars. What’s Next for Portland Real Estate?”

With some looming global uncertainly, Portland residents worry about growth and affordability; however, the city’s real estate hasn’t showed any signs of slowing. “Portland will get bigger and better,” said Good. “Any problems will be high-end problems.” As the city continues to grow, its existing inventory is rapidly depleting, but with developers flocking to the area, new buildings, retail spaces and homes are contributing to its vast economic growth.

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