How quickly can iBorrow close a loan?

Very quickly. Since iBorrow sources and underwrites each of its loan transactions and has ready access to deep pools of capital, it can close transactions within 2-4 weeks of a loan request.

Is your capital discretionary?

Yes. iBorrow manages a pool of capital, which is invested in every loan we fund. This pool of capital is a key reason we can close deals quickly and with confidence.

Are brokers protected?

Yes. iBorrow has developed relationships nationwide with loan brokers and iBorrow values these relationships. In fact, iBorrow has completed numerous repeat transactions with brokers. All brokers are protected by iBorrow and we encourage referrals.

Do you require personal guarantees?

No. iBorrow primarily underwrites collateral, not borrowers. We do not require borrowers to personally guarantee loans.



iBorrow Finances Olympia Office Building in Washington with $8.9 Million Loan

LOS ANGELES -- iBorrow, a private direct lender for commercial and multi-family real estate, has provided an $8.9 million loan for a two-story, 88,450 square-foot office building at 3000 Pacific Avenue South in Olympia, Washington. Built in 1987 and renovated in 2001, the property sits on more than four acres of land and is currently...

iBorrow Provides $6 Million Loan to Pasadena Skilled Nursing Facility

iBorrow, a private direct lender for commercial and multi-family real estate, has provided a $6 million loan for an owner-operated, two-story skilled nursing facility situated in one of the oldest parts of Los Angeles, Pasadena, at 1450 N Fair Oaks Ave. Originally constructed in 1965 and since remodeled, the nursing facility sits on approximately one...


How To Finance An Assisted Living Facility

How To Finance An Assisted Living Facility

byAnna Jones
A demand for financing assisted living facilities is emerging as a result of an aging population and advances in medicine. Many business owners are turning to private or direct lending because traditional banks are hesitant to issue these healthcare loans. On the other hand, private commercial real estate lenders and happy to help. Here are...
Commercial Real Estate Lending Industry in Dallas, Texas

Commercial Real Estate Lending Industry in Dallas, Texas

byJohn Brakatselos
The commercial real estate market in Dallas is robust due to the city’s growing population, the expansion of numerous industries into the area, and significant job growth. As a result, commercial vacancies are low, property values are high, and more commercial development is in the pipeline. Also, interest rates remain low, as LIBOR and the...

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